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Hey, I’m Marcus. You’ll find writing on a bunch of different topics here. A mix of analog and digital themes.

I’ve been writing about these things in paper notebooks for several years to help me think things through for myself. I’m sharing my thoughts here in the hope they might be useful to others. Maybe start or continue a conversation.

One reason the Internet feels like there only a handful of big websites controlling 90% of what we see is that only few people run their own blog/website. The web was a more interesting place a few years ago when there were many personal blogs. People interacted on each other’s sites. There are still many websites with meaningful and fun things. Websites that try to make life better, rather than manipulating people’s behaviour for profit.

This is my contribution to the friendly and helpful part of the internet.

If you find anything you read here interesting or helpful, feel free to use the contact form and say hello.

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